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Stenciling a Pretty Princess Pillow

Do you or someone you know have a little royalty in their bloodline? Hail the Princess or Queen in you home with a golden crown stencil from My Crafty Stencils! Spell it out with our Anthem Letter stencil set! For this craft you will need: Anthem Letter Stencil Set - Viscount Crown Stencil -… Continue reading Stenciling a Pretty Princess Pillow

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How to Stencil a Damask Motif Wall Hanger

Here is a crafty way to turn any old wall hanger into a stylish damask accent piece on any wall or door! Stenciled with Emperor's Gold Americana Acrylic Paint this damask motif is sure to catch the eye of your guests and visitors. For this craft you will need the following tools: Damask Motif Craft… Continue reading How to Stencil a Damask Motif Wall Hanger

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Stenciled Dinosaur Tote Bag Party Favors!

Have a roaring good time at your next party by making these Dinosaur themed Tote Bags with stencils from My Crafty Stencils. Everything but the tote bags can be found on our website, listed below: Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Stencil - Charonosaurus Dinosaur Stencil - Deinonychus Dinosaur Stencil - Pterodactyl Dinosaur Stencil -… Continue reading Stenciled Dinosaur Tote Bag Party Favors!

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Home Sweet Home Stenciled Fabric Placemat

Adorn your plain placemats with a Home Sweet Home stencil design from My Crafty Stencils! Stenciling onto fabric is an easy way to add some color to your decor. You will need the following tools: Home Sweet Home Craft Stencil - Americana Fabric Painting Medium - Americana Avocado Acrylic Paint - Americana… Continue reading Home Sweet Home Stenciled Fabric Placemat


DIY Football Fan Pennant Flags and Silverware Caddy

Attention Super Bowl fans, set your party up right with these decorating tips! In this quick tutorial we show you how to make a fancy set of mini pennant flags and a silverware caddy for your upcoming football party. In this tutorial you will need: Football Field Craft Stencil - Game Day Craft Stencil… Continue reading DIY Football Fan Pennant Flags and Silverware Caddy

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Decorative Art New Years Eve Invitations

Now is the time of year to send out invitations to everyone you will be ringing in the new year with this New Years Eve! These decorative art stencils from My Crafty Stencils are perfect for invitations, cards, and fliers. Below are the tools needed for this project; Champagne First Resolutions Later Stencil -… Continue reading Decorative Art New Years Eve Invitations

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Card Making with Sleigh Ride Holiday Craft Stencils

Season's greetings! It's the time of year to stencil your greeting cards and holiday party invitations before your hands get too cold. Card making is easy with our Sleigh Ride Holiday Craft Stencils. Make a unique copy for everyone on the guest list for your next party. For this project you will need: Sleigh Rides… Continue reading Card Making with Sleigh Ride Holiday Craft Stencils

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DIY Stenciled Reindeer Burlap Table Runner

Crafting a DIY Stenciled Reindeer Burlap Table Runner is the perfect touch to your Christmas decor repertoire. All you need is a length of burlap from your craft store, 1 or 2 Reindeer craft stencils by My Crafty Stencils, and the tools below. In this tutorial we used: Reindeer Craft Stencil - Stencil Brush -… Continue reading DIY Stenciled Reindeer Burlap Table Runner

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Stenciled Bakery Sign with Reclaimed Wood

For this project we show you how to transform planks of reclaimed wood into a handmade, stenciled bakery sign with that antique farmhouse style. All of the tools used in this tutorial are linked below and can be found at Bakery Sign Craft Stencil - Repositionable Spray Adhesive - Americana Black Acrylic Paint - Stencil… Continue reading Stenciled Bakery Sign with Reclaimed Wood

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Welcome Home, Golden Pineapple

Welcome! To another My Crafty Stencils tutorial! Today we will explain how to use our Welcome Home Craft Stencil onto piece of canvas paper to create a framed wall accent. For this craft we could not resist the glimmer of Glorious Gold Americana acrylic paint. In addition to this liquid gold you will also need:… Continue reading Welcome Home, Golden Pineapple

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Repainted & Stenciled Vintage Farmhouse Tile Coffee Table

Have an old table in need of a new life? If so, this project is for you! Even if you don't have an old table they are pretty easy to find! All you need is: Vintage Farmhouse Stencil Low grit sand paper Stencil paint brush Foam paint roller Painters tape Chalk paint, we used white… Continue reading Repainted & Stenciled Vintage Farmhouse Tile Coffee Table

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DIY Antique Farmhouse Lemonade Tray

Welcome back stencilers! Today we will show you how to make this Lemonade Tray using a stencil from our Antique Farmhouse Collection. For this project you will need: "Ice Cold Lemonade" Sign Stencil, found here Spray adhesive, found here Stencil Paint Brush, found here Acrylic Paint. We used Cadmium Yellow, Primary Yellow, Forest Green, white and Black, found here Painters… Continue reading DIY Antique Farmhouse Lemonade Tray

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DIY Cinder Block Planter

Let's enjoy summer by doing some outdoor crafts! This is the perfect way to get outside, and transform an old cinder block into a planter! You could even have a group of friends over for a little summer crafting party! Lets get started! For this project you will need: Patio paint, found here Peacock Stencil, found here… Continue reading DIY Cinder Block Planter

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DIY Farmhouse Galvanized Tub

This is the perfect craft to get through this heat wave! Once you're done, fill it with ice and the refreshment of your choice... perfect for any summer party. For this project you will need: A galvanized tub A Farmhouse stencil, found here Acrylic Paint, we used black , found here Spray adhesive, found here Stencil paint brush,… Continue reading DIY Farmhouse Galvanized Tub

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DIY Honeycomb Flower Pot

This flower pot will BEE perfect for your next summer craft 😉 We are going to show you how to make this project on two different sized pots, featuring our new Mini Craft Stencil line, and the full sized version too! For this project you will need: Honey Comb Craft Stencil, found here Honey Comb Mini… Continue reading DIY Honeycomb Flower Pot

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DIY Antique Farmhouse Laundry Bin

Try making this "Farmhouse" inspired laundry bin to organize all of your laundering supplies! For this project you will need: Wooden crate, ours was painted white "Laundry, the Never Ending Cycle" craft stencil found here Acrylic paint, we used black paint found here Spray Adhesive found here Stencil paint brush found here Painters tape, we used frog tape found here… Continue reading DIY Antique Farmhouse Laundry Bin

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Hats Off for Father’s Day!

Hats off to Dad for Father's Day! Set aside the macaroni sculptures this year & try dressing up a set of DIY beverage Koozies with My Crafty Stencil's fancy hats & bow ties craft stencils. For this project you will need: Stencils Hats craft stencil Bow Ties craft stencil Orbs Mini craft stencil Americana Acrylic… Continue reading Hats Off for Father’s Day!

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DIY Fruit Crate

Need a fruit basket? Try making this Fresh Fruit Crate instead! For this project you will need: Wooden crate Custom "Fresh Fruit" stencil. It is really easy to customize stencils! Click here for more details! Spray adhesive found here Acrylic paint, we used the colors: white wash, drift wood and buttermilk. Those can be found here Lets get started!Start… Continue reading DIY Fruit Crate

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DIY Nautical Tissue Box

Try vamping up a plain tissue box with these sea life stencils! For this project you will need: Wood tissue box (You could find this at Home Goods, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, really any store with a "Home" section) Coarse sand paper Sea life stencils: coral, dolphins Acrylic Paints (Driftwood, Slate Grey, Zinc, & Titanium White): here… Continue reading DIY Nautical Tissue Box

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DIY Aged Stencil Clay Pot

Try making this aged pot for  your summer flowers with a simple stencil and a sponge! For this project you'll need: Clay pot Plastic bag Acrylic Paint(White Wash, Antique White, Light Buttermilk, Shale Green, Forest Green, Hauser Dark Green) Sponge Coarse Sand Paper Spray Adhesive Painters tape Let's get started! First mix together the white… Continue reading DIY Aged Stencil Clay Pot

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DIY Monogramed Napkins

Want to try embellishing a set of napkins you have lying around? Try making these! What you will need: A set of napkins The Simple Victorian craft stencil here Assorted Plaques 2 craft stencil here Simple Script letter stencil here Fabric medium for acrylic paint here Acrylic paint (We used White and Burnt Umber) here Spray Adhesive here Stencil Paint Brushes here… Continue reading DIY Monogramed Napkins

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DIY Pastel Watercolor Flowers

You know what they say..."April showers bring May flowers". In that spirit try making your very own pastel watercolor flowers! For this project you will need: Abstract Flowers Mixed Media Stencil Spray adhesive Set of  Chalk Pastels Card or some sort of paper(Basically any piece of paper will work) Water Paint brushes First spray the… Continue reading DIY Pastel Watercolor Flowers

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DIY Oven Mitts

Want to give your special someone a cute, and a bit sassy, gift this year? Try making these "I Kiss Better than I Cook" oven mitts! For this project you will need: -Oven Mitts. Look for mitts without a pattern, and with out a whole lot of texture. This just makes it much easier to… Continue reading DIY Oven Mitts

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“Every Mom is a Queen” Tray

Make your Mom feel special on her mothers day by serving her breakfast in bed on a homemade tray! For this project you will need: -A wooden board -Drawer handles( to make the handles of your tray) -A drill and screw driver -Spray adhesive -Acrylic paint, we used burnt umber, black and metallic gold -Frog… Continue reading “Every Mom is a Queen” Tray

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Under a Night Sky

Wish you could lie under a clear night sky? Try making this instead! For this project you will need: -A Night Sky Stencil -A gyrocut, its basically a small knife on a swivel -Spray adhesive -Acrylic paint, we used metallic silver and gold, dark and light blue, white, yellow, orange and red or dark orange… Continue reading Under a Night Sky

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Farm Fresh Flowers Sign

Want to make this DIY farmhouse, rustic style sign to spruce up your spring?  Read on to see how to make it! For this project you will need: -A wooden sign, we got ours at Walmart in the craft aisle! -The "Fresh Market Flowers" stencil -Spray adhesive -Frog tape, or regular painters tape -Stenciling paint… Continue reading Farm Fresh Flowers Sign

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Cozy up this spring with this adorable DIY pillow! For this project you will need a sham pillow that you can take the cover off, we got ours at Home Goods. Being able to take the cover off is so important because it enables you to stencil the pillow case neatly. You will also need… Continue reading Cottontail

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Easter Egg Mason Jars

I love mason jars, you love mason jars, everyone loves mason jars..... ....So lets get crafting with them! We really wanted to create a whimsical, fun Easter project, showcasing this really cute Easter egg stencil. Then we saw on pintrest a jar filled to the brim with colorful Easter themed candy. So we decided to… Continue reading Easter Egg Mason Jars

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Field of Clover Mason Jar

A few weeks ago I was wandering through Home Goods trying to find inspiration for my next project with a friend. We stumbled upon these adorable mason jars that were coated in a white enamel.  We instantly fell in love with them and knew we had to use them for a craft. With St. Patty's… Continue reading Field of Clover Mason Jar

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St Patrick’s Day Stenciled Tshirt

Here’s a project I have been quite excited for. Have you ever needed a custom tshirt for yourself or a group? Here’s an awesome way to replicate a pattern on as many tees that you need! All you’ll need is a stencil from , a 3/8” Stencil Brush, a can of Repositionable Spray Adhesive,… Continue reading St Patrick’s Day Stenciled Tshirt

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Handmade Valentine Hearts

Here is your 2 week reminder that Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away! Instead of facing your loved one with a hastily bought card and chocolates like last year, why not put in the effort to make your own homemade card? Make your mother proud. All it takes is a stencil brush, some Repositionable… Continue reading Handmade Valentine Hearts

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Paper Hearts Stencil

With Valentines Day coming up I found myself in search of just the right design to apply to some makeshift craft ideas I’ve had bouncing around in my head. Originally I was considering stenciling some of these cute hearts onto a box of Chocolate hearts but then I realized my significant other wouldn’t want to… Continue reading Paper Hearts Stencil

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DIY Personalized Monogram Beverage Coaster Stencil Project

Personalize your plain beverage beverage coasters with a stencil in this week's DIY stenciling project. All you need are some stencils, paint, and a set of drinking coasters from your favorite home decor site or store! This project works well for wood, marble, or cork coasters. You will need the following: 3" Simple Script Letter… Continue reading DIY Personalized Monogram Beverage Coaster Stencil Project

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Mixed Media Stencil Craft Techniques

Here's a project worthy of a rainy day! In this demonstration we show you a couple stencil technique you may not consider when crafting. To make an artistic mixed media craft like the one here you will need: Abstract Floral Mini Craft Stencil - Abstract Foliage Mini Craft Stencil - Alligator Skin Mini… Continue reading Mixed Media Stencil Craft Techniques