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DIY Joy Bottles

Two weeks ago I was at an antique shop with a friend looking for old windows to do a project with when we stumbled upon these three matte, black bottles. We had no idea what to do with them but we thought that they were really neat so we went ahead and got them anyway. So glad that we did because the project they led to has to be one of my favorites.

The stencil we chose for this project is simple and elegant, just like the bottles. We thought it would be cool to stencil one letter on each of the three bottles, creating a decorative set.

joy craft stencil

We really wanted the design to pop on the black bottles we chose the colors metallic silver and metallic gold. The silver was for the trees, the gold for the letters and the stars. We also thought that it would be cool to paint the colors on unevenly, to almost give the appearance of gold and silver leafing.

First we cleaned and dried the bottles to help the stencil and paint stick nicely. We used spray adhesive on the back of the stencil to stick the stencil to the bottles. Since the bottles are round we used frog tape to hold down the edges of the stencil. It is really important to secure your stencil well enough so that it will not move around while you are painting, otherwise your design could smudge a bit.

When painting onto a black surface it can be really difficult to get the color to show up. The easiest way to deal with that is to first paint a layer or two of white. We used the Americana white chalk finish paint for this first coat. The white paint was stippled through the stencil on to the bottle. Since the stencil didn’t stick to the bottle perfectly stippling with a dry brush was the best way to paint the bottle because the paint did not bleed.  When stenciling it is much better to apply lots of thin coats than to ably one thick coat because if there is too much paint it can seep out underneath the stencil where you don’t want paint. The easiest way to make sure the right amount of paint is on your brush is to swirl and dab the bristles onto a paper towel  until only a little bit of pain comes off.

*Stippling  is just bouncing the brush up and down to  apply the paint. When stenciling you 

After the white had dried onto the bottle a few layers of the silver paint was stippled onto the trees, and a few layers of gold were stippled onto the stars and letters. We were going for a more vintage look so the coats of paint were a little spotty to achieve the desired effect. However if you want a crisp, solid look just add a few more even layers of paint!

Once finished with a bottle peal off the stencil, stick the stencil onto the next bottle, tape it down and repeat!

This craft was really easy,  yet it came out looking simple, elegant and sophisticated. These bottles would make amazing gifts, fun projects to do with friends, or a festive decoration for yourself!

Have fun crafting, and let your creativity shine!






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