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Cozy up this spring with this adorable DIY pillow!

For this project you will need a sham pillow that you can take the cover off, we got ours at Home Goods. Being able to take the cover off is so important because it enables you to stencil the pillow case neatly. You will also need a stencil, we chose the Cottontail Trading Stencil. I absolutely love the combination of fonts used in this stencil, especially with the simply bunny graphic.

cottontail trading

See what I mean?

For paint color we chose to use black. The black paint perfectly contrasts the cream pillow. You will need fabric medium to mix with the acrylic paint to turn the acrylic paint into fabric paint.  

Additional materials needed:

-Stencil paint brushes   

*I used a 5/16” brush to stencil the letters, and a 3/16” brush to stencil the bunny. I used a smaller brush on the bunny because it helped fine tune the amount of paint I put on but you can use the same brush for all of it.


*very helpful, provides a solid surface to stencil on while keeping fabric from moving.

-Spray adhesive

*both to spray the cardboard insert and the stencil

-Painters tape

*tape down edges of stencil and  bunny, so no paint gets onto the rest of the pillow.

Let’s get started!

First cut your cardboard so it will easily fit inside your pillowcase, make sure that your cardboard is at least as big as your stencil. Then spray  the cardboard and back of your stencil with spray adhesive. Make sure that your pillow is far enough away that it won’t get any spray adhesive on it, who wants a sticky pillow. 



Now, insert the cardboard into the pillow case once the pillow is removed. Make sure to center your cardboard and press the pillowcase into it so that the pillow case lays flat, stuck to the cardboard inside. Press your stencil into your pillowcase, on top of the cardboard. Now use the painters tape, we used frog tape, to tape down the edges of the stencil and the bunny, the painters tape makes sure that you don’t get paint accidentally on the rest of the pillow.4 Press stencil and fabric flat against cardboard

Before you can paint you need to mix the acrylic paint with the fabric medium (2:1 acrylic to fabric medium). Now that your paint is mixed simply coat your brush in paint, then dab and swirl the excess onto a paper towel until the brush feels dry to the touch. This is incredibly important when stenciling onto fabric, preventing the paint from bleeding out of the stencil, and the paint from building up around the edges. Since all the letters are the same color I used a bit bigger of a brush to speed up the process, but you must be patient and careful. To get the best result apply many, incredibly thin coats of paint. For the letters I applied 10-15 thin coats until the lettering was close to solid black. However for the bunny I only applied paint until  the bunny had a dappled grey color. To paint the pillow swirl the paintbrush bristles into the fabric, this forces the paint into the fibers of the cloth. When painting the bunny I switched to a small brush so I could easily paint the bunny in an uneven, faded way.  I wanted the back of the bunny and the tips of the ears to be a dark blackish grey, and the belly to be a light, softer grey. 



Once everything is painted and has dried, peel off the stencil and tape, remove the cardboard insert,  pop the pillow back inside and enjoy your cozy new pillow!12 Cotton Tail Pillow Finished

If you make this pillow feel free to share photos of it with us on social media, we would love to see your wonderful designs! We are @MyCraftysStencils on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

Have fun crafting, and let your creativity shine!

Check out the full craft video here!


Here are the links to all the materials we used in this video:

Cottontail Trading Stencil

Stenciling paint brushes

Fabric Medium

Acrylic Paint

Spray Adhesive


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