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Under a Night Sky

Wish you could lie under a clear night sky? Try making this instead!19 After flicking flecks of silver & gold you should have a perfect starry night

For this project you will need:

-A Night Sky Stencil

-A gyrocut, its basically a small knife on a swivel

-Spray adhesive

-Acrylic paint, we used metallic silver and gold, dark and light blue, white, yellow, orange and red or dark orange

-Squeeze glue, we used Elmers Glue-All

-two pieces of black paper that are the same size

-One piece of printer paper

-Paint brushes, at least one for the paint and one for the glue but it is easier with a few more for paint so that you don’t have to clean them after each color

-a pen or pencil

-Self healing cutting mat

Lets get started!

1 Trace

First, spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive. Once it has dried press your stencil onto the back side of one of your black pieces of paper. Then using a pen or pencil trace the outline of your stencil. Depending on the size of paper used you may need to move your paper around to fit in the sun, moo, and stars.  Once you are happy with your design, peal off the stencil.

Before you can start cutting out your stencil you will need to spray your cutting mat with spray adhesive so that your paper doesn’t move around while you try to cut it. I didn’t believe it would make a difference and I was proven very wrong, so please trust me that this is necessary!

2 Gyrp vut your collage

Now that your mat is nice and tacky  you can start cutting out your design. To get the best results make sure you hold your gyro cut at a 90 degree angle  to the paper, and press it firmly into the paper. If you have never used a gyro cut before test it out a bit on a piece of scrap paper to get comfortable with it!3 peel out the pieces

After you’ve finished cutting, poke out the paper and clean up the edges if needed!

Now for the painting…

This idea came out of a paper mache technique that basically layers acrylic paint and glue to form cracks in the top layer of paint.

4 Paint Silver & Gold

First paint your base layer of acrylic. We chose to use metallic paint. For the sun we used metallic gold, for the moon metallic silver and a combination of the two for the stars. There are no wrong choices so have fun with it! 5 Silver & Gold Paint Mix6 Next get your school glue

7 Paint the glue over the still wet paint

Next apply a coat of glue on top of the acryllic. 8 Paint on top of the still wet paint

Finally apply your top coat of paint. For the sun we used a combination of red orange, orange and yellow. But again do whatever you want for these colors!9 Paint yellow on next

For the stars portion we used a combination of yellow and white.10 Paint on your blues & Purps

And lastly for the moon we used a combination of dark blue, purple and light blue. 11 Next cut many random circles with your gyrocut

Let your paint dry completely, this may take 20-25 minutes because there is so much on there.  Once your paint has dried, press the paper onto your tacky mat, and start cutting out the different colors. You could cut them into strips, or squares, but we chose ovals. Again do whatever you fancy!12 Using the Repositionable spray adhesive put the circles down in the shape of the pattern

Before you start gluing the cut out paper onto the back piece of paper make sure you know where the sun, moon and stars will be by placing the top piece of paper on and marking that with a pen or pencil.

Next spray your back piece of paper with a generous amount of spray adhesive and start pressing the cut-out paper into it. Just to make sure you are placing the colors “correctly” test it out occasionally by placing your top paper over  to make sure the colors are showing through the right holes. 13 Fill in the sheet of paper

Once you are all done filling your colors in spray the back side of your top paper with a generous amount of spray adhesive and press it onto the colorful paper while it is still wet. 14 Press the cut out stencil design to the surface


15 Put your collage on scrap paper16 Get your silver metallic paint17 Gold Paint

To make this project even cooler flick some metallic silver and gold paint onto your final piece with a paint brush. If you use your finger to flick the paint where you want, it shouldn’t make a huge mess but to be safe, protect your work surface!18 Get some paint on your bristles & Jackson Pollock up your collage

Now you can show off your homemade astrological piece of art and impress all of your friends!19 After flicking flecks of silver & gold you should have a perfect starry night


Materials Needed:

Night Sky Stencil

All tools, paints and other accessories needed can be found here. Individual links posted below!

Gyro Cut Tool

Cutting Mat

Spray Adhesive

Acrylic Paint

Fabric Medium

Frog Tape


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