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DIY Oven Mitts

Want to give your special someone a cute, and a bit sassy, gift this year? Try making these “I Kiss Better than I Cook” oven mitts!

For this project you will need:

-Oven Mitts. Look for mitts without a pattern, and with out a whole lot of texture. This just makes it much easier to stencil. We found these at Home Goods!

-A “I Kiss Better than I Cook” stencil

-Fabric Medium for acrylic paint.

-Acrylic paint. We use Payne Grey, but choose a color that works well with your oven mitts!

-Frog Tape

-Spray Adhessive

-Stencil paint brush


Let’s get started!

First spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive. If it pools in any spots just press the stencil onto a scratch piece of paper or paper towel, and peel it off.

Then cut a piece of cardboard out to fit snugly inside the mitts. After the cardboard is cut to size spray it with spray adhesive and insert it into the mitt.

SCR0202 2

Once your mitt is ready to paint, mix your acrylic paint with the fabric medium. The ratio is 2:1 paint to medium. SCR0202 3SCR0202 4SCR0202 6 Press

Next press your stencil into the oven mitt. Then coat your brush with your mixed paint, and swirl your brush into a paper towel until the bristles feel dry to the touch.  Now simply swirl the bristles through the stencil to apply the paint. This will take many coats, I think we used 10 or 11. If you have too much paint on your brush it can bleed out and make your finished mitt look sloppy, so be patient!SCR0202 9 It takes time

Once your are all done painting, peel off your stencil, and pull out the cardboard insert. SCR0202 11 cardboard

If you get the chance to make these, we would love to see! You can share your projects with us @MyCraftyStencils on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

Watch the full craft video!



All accessories needed can be found here

Acrylic paint

Fabric medium

Spray adhesive

Paint brushes

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