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Hats Off for Father’s Day!

Koozie Hats & Ties

Hats off to Dad for Father’s Day! Set aside the macaroni sculptures this year & try dressing up a set of DIY beverage Koozies with My Crafty Stencil’s fancy hats & bow ties craft stencils. For this project you will need:

Americana Acrylic Paint Colors

All of the tools can be found on www.mycraftystencils.com.

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Start off by spraying the back of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive and waiting 30-60 seconds or longer to become tacky before attaching it to your Koozie. After waiting, press your stencil flat to the center on the surface of your koozie. Next you will want to prepare your paint.

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For this project we used 4 colors of Americana Paint: Primary Blue, Santa Red, Olive Green, & Pumpkin. On a paper plate, separately mix each of these four colors with Americana Fabric Painting Medium. The ratio is 2:1 Acrylic Paint to Fabric Painting Medium. Mix in the medium using a different, clean stencil brush for each new color.

Koozie 8 Swirl the paint off your brush

After mixing fabric medium into each color, swirl the excess paint off each brush onto paper towel. Always load you brush with paint then unload the excess paint onto paper towel. When you stencil your stencil brush should feel nearly dry to the touch each time you paint.

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Swirl your dry brush through the stencil design so that the color builds gradually. If you do not use a brush that is nearly dry to the touch the paint will bleed underneath the stencil or build on the edges. These are the reasons why using the proper dry brush painting technique is a stenciling essential.

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Once you have swirled a few coats of color through your design you should reach full coverage. I found it took me 2-3 coats for the darker colors and 3-4 coats for the lighter colors. As soon as you’re satisfied with the color, remove the stencil before the paint dries completely (although it should be pretty close to dry using the right technique). Repeat for each koozie and each design until you have stenciled them all.

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At this point we have our base coat down but the design is still looking a little plain. Once the paint is dry you can add additional details with other stencils or masking the current design. For the hats, cut a piece of painters tape so that only the brim is exposed. Pick out a secondary color and lightly shade over the brim so that the first coat just barely pokes through. This undertone helps to break up the pattern so you can easily tell that it’s a hat.

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This is your chance to personalize the project with any details you want. For the bow ties I decided to add fun dots using the Orbs Mixed Media Craft Stencil. To mask off any dots that would go outside of the bow tie I used the bow tie stencil on top of the orbs stencil. This kept my orbs within the shape of each style of bow tie.





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