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DIY Antique Farmhouse Laundry Bin

Try making this “Farmhouse” inspired laundry bin to organize all of your laundering supplies!

For this project you will need:

  • Wooden crate, ours was painted white
  • “Laundry, the Never Ending Cycle” craft stencil found here
  • Acrylic paint, we used black paint found here
  • Spray Adhesive found here
  • Stencil paint brush found here
  • Painters tape, we used frog tape found here

Let’s get started!

Before you start stenciling, make sure that your box is dust-free by wiping it down with a damp paper towel.

Now you can spray the back of your stencil with adhesive. If the adhesive pools at all, simply press your stencil into a piece of paper and peel it off. You can use a ruler to center your stencil before firmly pressing your stencil into your box.



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Next tape down the sides of the stencil with painters tape. This makes sure that you don’t, accidentally, paint outside of the stencil.



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We decided to use black acrylic paint because it works so well with the white, wooden box. If you have a different color box, feel free to experiment a little! After you load the brush with paint, swirl off most of the paint into a paper towel, until the bristles feel dry to touch. If there is too much paint on the brush, the paint will pool along the edges of the stencil, and can bleed out of the stencil. So, be patient and apply multiple thin coats!



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Start swirling the paint through the stencil, patience is key! We ended up taping the middle part of the stencil off, to make sure we didn’t accidentally paint through the wrong part of the stencil.



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Since part of the design was in between two of the boards, we simply moved the stencil down after the “Laundry” part was completely painted. Next we taped off parts of the stencil that we may accidentally paint through. Now just continue to swirl the paint through the stencil, making sure the brush feels dry to touch.



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There you have it! A DIY, farmhouse inspired, bin to store all of your laundering needs!

Laundry 22

If you get the chance to make this, please share it with us! We are @MyCraftyStencils!

Have fun crafting and let your creativity shine!

You can watch the full craft video here:




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