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DIY Farmhouse Galvanized Tub

This is the perfect craft to get through this heat wave! Once you’re done, fill it with ice and the refreshment of your choice… perfect for any summer party.

For this project you will need:

  • A galvanized tub
  • A Farmhouse stencil, found here
  • Acrylic Paint, we used black , found here
  • Spray adhesive, found here
  • Stencil paint brush, found here, the 7/16″ would be perfect for this!
  • Paper plate, and paper towel

Let’s get started!

First spray the back side of your stencil with adhesive. Make sure you hold the can about 8-12 inches away, and give it a moment to dry so it feels tacky. Then press your stencil into the tub. Since the surface is uneven, only worry about pressing a section at a time into the tub.

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Then squeeze out your paint onto a paper plate or make shift pallet, you won’t need a lot of paint. Coat your brush with paint, then swirl and dab most of it off into a paper towel, so that the bristles feel dry  to touch. If there is too much paint on your brush, the paint could bleed out of the stencil or build up around the edges. Once your brush feels dry, you can start stippling, or bouncing the bristles up and down, through the stencil. This will take multiple thin coats so be patient 🙂

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Once you are happy with the opacity of the paint, peel off the stencil and enjoy!

If you get the chance to try this craft out please share it with us! We are @MyCraftyStencils!

Have fun crafting and let your creativity shine!

Watch the full craft video here:


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