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Repainted & Stenciled Vintage Farmhouse Tile Coffee Table

Have an old table in need of a new life? If so, this project is for you! Even if you don’t have an old table they are pretty easy to find! All you need is:

  • Vintage Farmhouse Stencil
  • Low grit sand paper
  • Stencil paint brush
  • Foam paint roller
  • Painters tape
  • Chalk paint, we used white and French linen.

You can find these items at

Lets get started!

First rough up the surface of your table with sand paper. You want to remove the glossy finish so that the paint can stick to the table! Once the table is sanded, wipe off the dust with a damp towel. Now use a paint roller to paint the entire table with white chalk paint.

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Then spray the backside of your stencil with adhesive and let it dry completely.

Use a ruler to find the middle of the table and mark it with tape. Then place the middle of the stencil on that point, making sure it is square. Once the stencil is placed well, tape the sides with painters tape.

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Now you are ready to paint! poor some French Linen chalk paint onto a paper plate and load a paint roller with paint. Roll a lot of it off onto a paper towel, this will help prevent the paint from bleeding out of the stencil. Then lightly roll the paint through the stencil. Apply many light coats of paint, this will prevent the paint from bleeding. Once painted, move the stencil and repeat!

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Now you can place the stencil over the areas you already painted, and go over the thin spots with a stencil brush. Make sure to use the dry brush technique, if you are new to these, just read back a few posts to learn what that is!

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If you enjoyed this project please share it with us! We are @MyCraftyStencils!

Have fun crafting and let your creativity shine!

Watch the full craft video here:

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