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Stenciled Dinosaur Tote Bag Party Favors!

Have a roaring good time at your next party by making these Dinosaur themed Tote Bags with stencils from My Crafty Stencils. Everything but the tote bags can be found on our website, listed below:

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Stencil –

Charonosaurus Dinosaur Stencil –

Deinonychus Dinosaur Stencil –

Pterodactyl Dinosaur Stencil –

Repositionable Spray Adhesive –

Americana Acrylic Craft Paints –

Americana Fabric Painting Medium –

Stencil Brushes –

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To begin stenciling dinosaurs on your tote bags start by preparing your stencil space and materials. Begin by spraying the back of your stencils with repositionable spray adhesive and allowing the spray to set for about 30 seconds. This spray will stay tacky on your stencil for multiple uses but must dry for 30-60 seconds before using your stencil. As you wait, mix your Americana acrylic paint with Americana Fabric Painting Medium. Our first color of paint is Primary Blue. Thoroughly mix the fabric painting medium in the blue acrylic paint using your stencil brush. We recommend using a paper plate as your painting palette.

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With your fabric paint mixed together you are ready to stencil! Press your stencil to the center of your tote bag so that the repositionable spray adhesive holds down the stencil details. Take your stencil brush and swirl the excess paint off onto a paper towel until the bristles feel just about dry to the touch. Paint gets stored in the bristles of your brush so as you swirl paint through the stencil the seemingly dry brush still coats your surface in paint. Start by swirling paint upon the edges of your stencil design. The edges of the stencil are where the design is defined. With the edges stenciled, begin swirling paint into the center of your design. Build your paint over the course of 2-3 light coats of paint.

After swirling 2-3 light coats of paint into your stencil design you will have a nice solid color fill on your tote bag. With the design properly stenciled onto the fabric you are ready to remove the stencil. Set down your stencil brush then gently peel the stencil from the stencil surface. Below the stencil you will be left with a nice, crisp dinosaur!


This project is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. Great for kids birthday parties, after school hangouts, or your local dinosaur fan club. With a unique dinosaur for each bag everyone can have a dinosaur in their favorite color! We have tons to choose from: Diplodocus, Polacanthus, Hypsilophodont, Tyrannosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Syntarsus, Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus, Staurikosaurus, Plesiosaur, or even Anchiceratops! Our dinosaur stencils come in many different sizes, perfect for greetings cards to wall murals! Check out our products at and check out the video below for more information.

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DIY Monogramed Napkins

Want to try embellishing a set of napkins you have lying around? Try making these!

What you will need:

  • A set of napkins
  • The Simple Victorian craft stencil here
  • Assorted Plaques 2 craft stencil here
  • Simple Script letter stencil here
  • Fabric medium for acrylic paint here
  • Acrylic paint (We used White and Burnt Umber) here
  • Spray Adhesive here
  • Stencil Paint Brushes here

Lets get started!

First spray the back side of your Simple Victorian stencil with spray adhesive. If the adhesive pools up in a area, simply press your stencil into a piece of paper and peel it off. Then press your stencil firmly into your napkin.

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Now mix your white acrylic paint  with your fabric medium; you will need twice as much paint as you will fabric medium. Once they are well mixed, swirl your brush into a paper towel to remove excess paint. Your brush should feel dry to touch. This helps the paint from bleeding out of your stencil, or pooling up along the edges, giving you a cleaner finish!

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Now you can start painting! Simply swirl the paint through the stencil. It will take multiple coats, about 5-7. Be patient and use the dry brush method, your end product will be much better! Once you are happy, peel off the stencil!

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Follow the same steps for the next napkin! Simply spray the back of your stencil with adhesive, press it into your napkin and start painting, using a “dry” paint brush. For the background of the monogram you want the white paint to be opaque as possible, so you may have to apply many coats 🙂

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Once you’ve sprayed the backside of your lettering stencil, press it firmly onto your napkin. It’s easiest to stencil the middle letter first, so that your monogram is right in the middle.

Then you can mix your acrylic paint with half as much fabric medium.

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After drying your brush on a paper towel, start swirling your paint through your stencil. You can either use a small paint brush, or use painters tape to tape around the letter, to make sure you don’t accidentally get paint on the wrong part of the napkin. Once you are happy with the opacity of the letter, peel of the stencil and repeat with the rest of your letters!

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If you get the chance to make these, please share it with us! We are @MyCraftyStencils on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Have fun crafting and let your creativity shine!

Watch the full craft video here:

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DIY Oven Mitts

Want to give your special someone a cute, and a bit sassy, gift this year? Try making these “I Kiss Better than I Cook” oven mitts!

For this project you will need:

-Oven Mitts. Look for mitts without a pattern, and with out a whole lot of texture. This just makes it much easier to stencil. We found these at Home Goods!

-A “I Kiss Better than I Cook” stencil

-Fabric Medium for acrylic paint.

-Acrylic paint. We use Payne Grey, but choose a color that works well with your oven mitts!

-Frog Tape

-Spray Adhessive

-Stencil paint brush


Let’s get started!

First spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive. If it pools in any spots just press the stencil onto a scratch piece of paper or paper towel, and peel it off.

Then cut a piece of cardboard out to fit snugly inside the mitts. After the cardboard is cut to size spray it with spray adhesive and insert it into the mitt.

SCR0202 2

Once your mitt is ready to paint, mix your acrylic paint with the fabric medium. The ratio is 2:1 paint to medium. SCR0202 3SCR0202 4SCR0202 6 Press

Next press your stencil into the oven mitt. Then coat your brush with your mixed paint, and swirl your brush into a paper towel until the bristles feel dry to the touch.  Now simply swirl the bristles through the stencil to apply the paint. This will take many coats, I think we used 10 or 11. If you have too much paint on your brush it can bleed out and make your finished mitt look sloppy, so be patient!SCR0202 9 It takes time

Once your are all done painting, peel off your stencil, and pull out the cardboard insert. SCR0202 11 cardboard

If you get the chance to make these, we would love to see! You can share your projects with us @MyCraftyStencils on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

Watch the full craft video!



All accessories needed can be found here

Acrylic paint

Fabric medium

Spray adhesive

Paint brushes

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St Patrick’s Day Stenciled Tshirt

Last one BINH

Here’s a project I have been quite excited for. Have you ever needed a custom tshirt for yourself or a group? Here’s an awesome way to replicate a pattern on as many tees that you need! All you’ll need is a stencil from , a 3/8” Stencil Brush, a can of Repositionable Spray Adhesive, Acrylic Paint, & Americana Fabric Painting Medium. You will also need a flat piece of cardboard that will fit inside your shirt, which you may have on hand.

2.5 Spray Adhesive Cardboard

Start off by applying a light coat of Repositionable Spray Adhesive to one side of a piece of cardboard. Wait 30 seconds for the spray adhesive to become tacky then slip the cardboard into the shirt with the tacky side against the front. It is important that your shirt lies flat to the cardboard with no wrinkles. Don’t stretch the fabric of your shirt when smoothing it out or else your design will become warped once it is no longer being stretched.

3 Spray Adhesive Stencil

As always, apply a coat of Repositionable Spray Adhesive to the back of your stencil. Then give the stencil about 30 seconds to become tacky before sticking it to your project. This is the same spray adhesive used on the cardboard.

4 Press the stencil flat to the smoothed out tshirt

Next you will want to line your stencil up in the center of your shirt. You could measure out the exact center of your shirt… but I chose to eyeball it for the sake of simplicity.

5 Kelly Green Paint

Now you’ll want to select your paint color. I went with Kelly Green, the classic green color of the lush landscapes and rolling hills of Ireland. It is no coincidence that Kelly happens to be a popular surname in Ireland which this paint owes its title. You’ll want a little squirt of paint on your palette. Quick note, you can use anything for a palette. I often use the mylar circle pictured above, which is cut from our stencil material. I have also used paper plates, cardboard, card stock, and even a sheet of paper in a pinch. As long as your palette is durable enough for you to swirl paint onto your brush you can’t go wrong. Go ahead and improvise! A sheet of aluminum foil or wax paper would work fine I’d imagine.

6 Fabric Medium

After getting your paint you will want to mix it 2:1 with Americana Fabric Painting Medium. That’s twice as much acrylic paint to fabric painting medium.

7 Mix in medium 2 to 1

Squirt about have as much fabric medium as there is paint onto your palette, then completely mix it in with your brush. Once again, I choose to eyeball it. If you want to measure it out maybe consider disposable plastic spoonfuls.

8 Swirl paint throught he holes in your stencil

Once you have mixed the fabric medium into your paint, dry off the bristles of your brush. It is vital to use the dry brush technique for nice clean edges on your design. This means that your brush should be dry to the touch each time you stencil. To achieve this you must swirl the paint onto your stencil brush from the palette. After loading your brush, swirl the paint off the brush onto a piece of paper until the color that is coming off appears more as a shade of green than full on green.

Stenciling your shirt will take some time so be patient while swirling paint onto your tshirt. The color should start out faint but then get built up as you swirl more and more paint onto your shirt. When the paint seems to stop coloring your shirt, load up the brush again, wipe it off dry, and then continue swirling until your color is saturated.

9 Peel off the stencil

After about 3-4 light coats of swirled paint the color is perfect and the lines on the lettering is nice and crisp!

11 Use painters Tape to mask off the sides

This shirt needs a little something extra so I’ve decided to border the letters using some clovers from the Field of Clover stencil arranged in a square around the main design. Just because the clovers are haphazard on the stencil doesn’t mean I can’t isolate the design for my own creative purposes. To do this I masked off the clovers too close to the ones I’m stenciling to keep my brush from straying.

SCR0399 E

Now that’s one lucky tshirt! It’s important to note that if you want to wash your shirt in the future you’ll want to wash it before stenciling. After painting it with the fabric medium you’ll want to let the paint cure for 24-48 hours before washing it. That’s all there is to it!

Get ready for St Patrick’s Day by letting your creativity shine!

Here are links to all of the tools used in this tutorial.