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DIY Pastel Watercolor Flowers

You know what they say…”April showers bring May flowers”. In that spirit try making your very own pastel watercolor flowers!

For this project you will need:

  • Abstract Flowers Mixed Media Stencil
  • Spray adhesive
  • Set of  Chalk Pastels
  • Card or some sort of paper(Basically any piece of paper will work)
  • Water
  • Paint brushes

First spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive.  Once the adhesive has dried, it should only take a few seconds, press your stencil into your paper.







Now you can start painting! First wet your brush then swirl it into the pastel color that you want. Then dry off the excess water, and start swirling the color through your stencil!





Add whatever colors you want, have fun with it! You can mix colors, layer them to get a marbled affect or use a monochrome color scheme. There aren’t any wrong ways to paint this!





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If your paper is bigger than the stencil, you can easily peel your stencil off, and re-position it. One of the flowers in the middle of the paper looked like it was chopped in half, so when we moved the stencil, we made sure to complete the flower:)





Now you have a beautiful painting of flowers! You can put this on the front of a card, for a beautiful hand made card. You could also stencil on a quote or leave it as is, because it is beautiful!

Purdy Fleurs numero 1

Check out the full craft video here!

If you try out this project, please share it with us! We are @MyCraftyStencils

Have fun and let your creativity shine!

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“Every Mom is a Queen” Tray

Make your Mom feel special on her mothers day by serving her breakfast in bed on a homemade tray!

For this project you will need:

-A wooden board

-Drawer handles( to make the handles of your tray)

-A drill and screw driver

-Spray adhesive

-Acrylic paint, we used burnt umber, black and metallic gold

-Frog tape, or any other painters tape

Let’s get crafting!

Tray 2 Drill

First measure where you need to drill holes in the board for your handles. Remember the old saying “measure twice, cut once”? The same applies here!

Once you know where to drill your holes choose a bit that is a tad smaller than your screws and drill holes to use to secure your handles. Once you’ve drilled your holes, use a screw driver to screw in your handles!

Ta Da! You’ve just made a homemade tray!Tray 3 Handled

Next spray the back side of your stencil with spray adhesive. Tray 4 Spray Adhesive

Once the adhesive has dried and feels tacky to the touch press it into the center of your tray. Tray 6 Press your stencil to the tray

To make sure you don’t accidentally paint the tray outside of your stencil, tape down the edges of your stencil with some frog tape. Tray 7 Get TapeTray 8 Mask your stencil with tape

Time to mix your paint! Start by squeezing a dollop of each color onto a paper plate. Then pull a bit of each color to the center, with a paint brush, swirling them together. Tray 9 Mix your paint colors

Once you are happy with the color, swirl your paint brush into a paper towel until your brush feels dry to touch.  This prevents the paint from bleeding out of the stencil, resulting in a cleaner finish. Tray 10 Dry your brush

Once your brush is dry enough, start swirling the paint into the board. Tray 11 Begin Swirling paint lightly onto your tray

It’ll take multiple coats so be patient! Also, with each coat its okay to switch up the color a bit. I put a layer of just metallic gold under the top layer to give it a bit more sheen. Tray 11 Continue swirling on light coats of paint

Once you are happy with the opacity of your paint, you can peel up a corner of your stencil to check, peel off your tape and stencil!Tray 12 Peel back your stencil

Now you can make your mom feel special on mothers day!

Watch the full video here:


Every mom is a queen stencil

Find all accessories needed here

Acrylic Paint, we used Burnt Umber, Black and Metallic Gold

Spray Adhesive

Frog Tape

Stenciling Paint Brush