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Burned in Design with Stencils

In this tutorial we create a unique serving tray with a burned in design using our Fall Leaves Craft Stencil and our heated cutting tool. Get inspired or follow along, the tools in this tutorial are all available on our site

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Start by spraying the back of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive and allow it 30 seconds to become tacky before pressing it to the surface of your project. Once in place, trace the design using a pencil. Once finished, remove the stencil.

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Next, take your heated cutting tool and turn the temperature up all the way. Once heated begin burning along the pencil lines with the tip of the tool. Go over the lines several times without adding too much pressure with the tip in a smooth motion.


Burn along the pencil lines for the entire design before going back to make less defined lines darker. Finish burning in the design before washing it off with soap and water.


Once you’ve cleaned off your wooden serving tray you can impress everyone at your next social gathering. Serve appetizers to your guests or put it on display in your hutch. For more instruction check out our video tutorial here;

All the tools used in this tutorial are listed below!

Fall Leaves Craft Stencil
Fall Leaves Craft Stencil by Crafty Stencils

Repositionable Spray Adhesive
Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Heated Cutting Tool
Stencil Cutting Tool

Crafts, Fall, Home Decor, Thanksgiving

Eat Drink And Be Thankful Fall Craft

Hello and welcome to another My Crafty Stencils tutorial! In this post we will show you a quick and easy way to turn an ordinary piece of wood into a centerpiece welcoming guest to your home this fall. Everything used in this tutorial can be found on

Eat, Drink, & Be Thankful Craft Stencil –
Repositionable Spray Adhesive –
Americana Glorious Gold Acrylic Paint –
Black Bristle Stencil Brush –
Frog Tape Painter’s Tape –

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Start out by putting your clean piece of wood on your table. Take your stencil and use repositionable spray adhesive on the back then give it 30-60 seconds to become tacky before applying to your surface. Be sure to press all the details flush to the project. The Repositionable Spray Adhesive will hold the fine details of the stencil in place. Use painter’s tape on the outside edges of your stencil to mask off the edges of your project.

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Next, put some Americana Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint onto a paper plate. Swirl your flat-tipped stencil brush into the paint being sure to take the paint up into the bristles. Then swirl the stencil brush into a paper towel until the brush feels dry to the touch.

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Once your brush is dry, swirl your brush through the stencil design onto your project. For this project we left a little too much paint on the brush when we went to stencil. The color should not be quite as dark as this when you first start swirling. Go back and swirl the paint off your brush onto paper towel until it feels dry to the touch then get back to stenciling. If you leave too much paint on your brush the paint will build in the edges of the design or worse, bleed beneath the design creating a blurry mess.

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Continue stenciling light coats of Americana Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint until you reach full coverage. This should take 2-3 coats of paint and sometimes even 4! The slower you build up your color the better your design should come out.

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The last step is to gently peel your stencil from the project surface. We hope this tutorial has been informative! For more details watch the video tutorial below!

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