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Home Sweet Home Stenciled Fabric Placemat

Adorn your plain placemats with a Home Sweet Home stencil design from My Crafty Stencils! Stenciling onto fabric is an easy way to add some color to your decor. You will need the following tools:

Home Sweet Home Craft Stencil –

Americana Fabric Painting Medium –

Americana Avocado Acrylic Paint –

Americana Hauser Medium Green Acrylic Paint –

Americana Black Acrylic Paint –

White Bristle Stencil Brush –

Repositionable Spray Adhesive –

Frog Tape Painter’s Tape –

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Start by spraying the back of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive. Use the repositionable spray adhesive from about 8-12 inches away to for a few seconds. Give the spray 30 seconds to become tacky before using your stencil on the surface of your project.

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Put your stencil on the approximate center of the placemat then use a ruler to center it. Measure how far the stencil is from the edges of the placemat then press it to the surface when it is centered. Use Frog Tape painters tape around the edges of the stencil to keep from stenciling outside of the design. When painting with different colors, determine which element you will be painting first. Let’s start with the lettering. Mask the other elements of the design like the vine and flowers.

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Mix Americana Hauser Medium Green with Americana Fabric Medium using your stencil brush. Once the fabric paint is mixed, swirl the excess paint off of your brush onto a piece of paper towel. The stencil brush should feel about dry to the touch before you begin painting the design.

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Take your time as you swirl the stencil brush through the letters of the stencil design. Stenciling a surface is different from painting because applying the paint is a more gradual process. This is to prevent excess paint from seeping beneath the details of the stencil. Paint seeping beneath the stencil is a process known as bleeding. It takes a few light coats of paint to completely fill in the design. Swirl in the paint until you reach the desired color and fill.

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Now mask off the the lettering and flowers to stencil the vines of the design. Mix Americana Avocado acrylic paint with Americana Fabric Painting Medium using a fresh stencil brush. Swirl the excess paint onto paper towel and swirl the paint through the design. We did not mask the buds of the design to stencil up to the base of each flower with the smaller stencil brush. Just the same as the lettering, swirl and build the color of the design until you reach full coverage.

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Remove the Frog Tape from the flowers to stencil them. The color we want to use is a toned down Americana Melon acrylic paint. To do this we will be using a tiny drop of black acrylic paint. The tiniest drop of black goes a long way. Swirl the paint color together before mixing the paint into the Americana Fabric Medium. After mixing the paint, swirl the excess off onto a piece of paper towel, and stencil the buds & flowers onto the placemat.


This design can be replicated on all of your placemats by repeating the steps. Now you have the tools to make a matching set!

If you enjoyed this project visit and check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial! Let your creativity shine!

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DIY Aged Stencil Clay Pot

Try making this aged pot for  your summer flowers with a simple stencil and a sponge!

For this project you’ll need:

  • Clay pot
  • Plastic bag
  • Acrylic Paint(White Wash, Antique White, Light Buttermilk, Shale Green, Forest Green, Hauser Dark Green)
  • Sponge
  • Coarse Sand Paper
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Painters tape

Let’s get started!

First mix together the white wash, antique white, and light buttermilk acrylic paints for an off white color. Then use a crumpled up plastic bag to smear the paint onto the flower pot.

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Use a sponge to lightly dab on the different colors of green, to give a mossy effect! It is better to paint multiple tin coats of paint than one thick coat. It helps controlling the color! Then sponge on a little bit of white paint.

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Let the paint dry, then sand off the top layers of paint. This gives the pot an antique, mossy look.

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Now, spray your stencil with reposotionable adhesive, and press it into your pot. Then tape down the edges of your stencil with painters tape to make sure you only paint through your stencil.

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Mix up a bit more of the off white paint. Dip your sponge into the paint, then dab off the excess into an paper towel. Then lightly dab the paint through your stencil. You may want some green peaking though, so paint lightly! Once you are happy, peel off the stencil and move it to another spot on the pot and repeat! Work your way around the flower pot until your design goes all the way around.

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Now you have a great, antique, mossy looking flower pot to spruce up your garden!

If you try this craft please share it with us @MyCraftyStencils!

Watch the full craft video here:

Victorian Tile Mixed Media Stencil

Acrylic Paint

All other accessories!

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DIY Pastel Watercolor Flowers

You know what they say…”April showers bring May flowers”. In that spirit try making your very own pastel watercolor flowers!

For this project you will need:

  • Abstract Flowers Mixed Media Stencil
  • Spray adhesive
  • Set of  Chalk Pastels
  • Card or some sort of paper(Basically any piece of paper will work)
  • Water
  • Paint brushes

First spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive.  Once the adhesive has dried, it should only take a few seconds, press your stencil into your paper.







Now you can start painting! First wet your brush then swirl it into the pastel color that you want. Then dry off the excess water, and start swirling the color through your stencil!





Add whatever colors you want, have fun with it! You can mix colors, layer them to get a marbled affect or use a monochrome color scheme. There aren’t any wrong ways to paint this!





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If your paper is bigger than the stencil, you can easily peel your stencil off, and re-position it. One of the flowers in the middle of the paper looked like it was chopped in half, so when we moved the stencil, we made sure to complete the flower:)





Now you have a beautiful painting of flowers! You can put this on the front of a card, for a beautiful hand made card. You could also stencil on a quote or leave it as is, because it is beautiful!

Purdy Fleurs numero 1

Check out the full craft video here!

If you try out this project, please share it with us! We are @MyCraftyStencils

Have fun and let your creativity shine!

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“Every Mom is a Queen” Tray

Make your Mom feel special on her mothers day by serving her breakfast in bed on a homemade tray!

For this project you will need:

-A wooden board

-Drawer handles( to make the handles of your tray)

-A drill and screw driver

-Spray adhesive

-Acrylic paint, we used burnt umber, black and metallic gold

-Frog tape, or any other painters tape

Let’s get crafting!

Tray 2 Drill

First measure where you need to drill holes in the board for your handles. Remember the old saying “measure twice, cut once”? The same applies here!

Once you know where to drill your holes choose a bit that is a tad smaller than your screws and drill holes to use to secure your handles. Once you’ve drilled your holes, use a screw driver to screw in your handles!

Ta Da! You’ve just made a homemade tray!Tray 3 Handled

Next spray the back side of your stencil with spray adhesive. Tray 4 Spray Adhesive

Once the adhesive has dried and feels tacky to the touch press it into the center of your tray. Tray 6 Press your stencil to the tray

To make sure you don’t accidentally paint the tray outside of your stencil, tape down the edges of your stencil with some frog tape. Tray 7 Get TapeTray 8 Mask your stencil with tape

Time to mix your paint! Start by squeezing a dollop of each color onto a paper plate. Then pull a bit of each color to the center, with a paint brush, swirling them together. Tray 9 Mix your paint colors

Once you are happy with the color, swirl your paint brush into a paper towel until your brush feels dry to touch.  This prevents the paint from bleeding out of the stencil, resulting in a cleaner finish. Tray 10 Dry your brush

Once your brush is dry enough, start swirling the paint into the board. Tray 11 Begin Swirling paint lightly onto your tray

It’ll take multiple coats so be patient! Also, with each coat its okay to switch up the color a bit. I put a layer of just metallic gold under the top layer to give it a bit more sheen. Tray 11 Continue swirling on light coats of paint

Once you are happy with the opacity of your paint, you can peel up a corner of your stencil to check, peel off your tape and stencil!Tray 12 Peel back your stencil

Now you can make your mom feel special on mothers day!

Watch the full video here:


Every mom is a queen stencil

Find all accessories needed here

Acrylic Paint, we used Burnt Umber, Black and Metallic Gold

Spray Adhesive

Frog Tape

Stenciling Paint Brush

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Farm Fresh Flowers Sign

Want to make this DIY farmhouse, rustic style sign to spruce up your spring? 13 Fresh flower pic

Read on to see how to make it!

For this project you will need:

-A wooden sign, we got ours at Walmart in the craft aisle!

-The “Fresh Market Flowers” stencil

-Spray adhesive

-Frog tape, or regular painters tape

-Stenciling paint brush

-Paper plate and towels

-Acrylic paint, we chose to use the colors black, burnt umber, and metallic gold

Let’s get started!

First spray the backside of your stencil with the spray adhesive. If it pools in areas just press the sticky side of your stencil onto a piece of paper and peal it off. Then press your stencil onto your wood board, if it isn’t centered just peal it off and reposition your stencil. Next tape around the boarder of the stencil with frog tape to prevent getting paint on the rest of the board.

Now its time to mix your paint, so just squeeze a dollop of each of the paints onto a paper plate and swirl them together until you get the color you want. If you aren’t sure, just test a bit of it on the back of your board!8 After mixing paint wipe excess off fresh flowers

To apply the paint to the board, swirl your brush into the paint, swirl the bristles into the paper towel until the bristles feel  dry to the touch. Then just swirl the paint through the stencil onto your wooden board. Apply many thin coats of paint until you get the opacity you would like!

Now just peal off the tape and stencil and enjoy!

Have fun crafting and let your creativity shine!

Watch the full craft video here:

Here are the links to all the materials we used:

Fresh Market Flowers stencil

Frog Tape

Stenciling paint brushes

Spray adhesive

Acrylic paint

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Cozy up this spring with this adorable DIY pillow!

For this project you will need a sham pillow that you can take the cover off, we got ours at Home Goods. Being able to take the cover off is so important because it enables you to stencil the pillow case neatly. You will also need a stencil, we chose the Cottontail Trading Stencil. I absolutely love the combination of fonts used in this stencil, especially with the simply bunny graphic.

cottontail trading

See what I mean?

For paint color we chose to use black. The black paint perfectly contrasts the cream pillow. You will need fabric medium to mix with the acrylic paint to turn the acrylic paint into fabric paint.  

Additional materials needed:

-Stencil paint brushes   

*I used a 5/16” brush to stencil the letters, and a 3/16” brush to stencil the bunny. I used a smaller brush on the bunny because it helped fine tune the amount of paint I put on but you can use the same brush for all of it.


*very helpful, provides a solid surface to stencil on while keeping fabric from moving.

-Spray adhesive

*both to spray the cardboard insert and the stencil

-Painters tape

*tape down edges of stencil and  bunny, so no paint gets onto the rest of the pillow.

Let’s get started!

First cut your cardboard so it will easily fit inside your pillowcase, make sure that your cardboard is at least as big as your stencil. Then spray  the cardboard and back of your stencil with spray adhesive. Make sure that your pillow is far enough away that it won’t get any spray adhesive on it, who wants a sticky pillow. 



Now, insert the cardboard into the pillow case once the pillow is removed. Make sure to center your cardboard and press the pillowcase into it so that the pillow case lays flat, stuck to the cardboard inside. Press your stencil into your pillowcase, on top of the cardboard. Now use the painters tape, we used frog tape, to tape down the edges of the stencil and the bunny, the painters tape makes sure that you don’t get paint accidentally on the rest of the pillow.4 Press stencil and fabric flat against cardboard

Before you can paint you need to mix the acrylic paint with the fabric medium (2:1 acrylic to fabric medium). Now that your paint is mixed simply coat your brush in paint, then dab and swirl the excess onto a paper towel until the brush feels dry to the touch. This is incredibly important when stenciling onto fabric, preventing the paint from bleeding out of the stencil, and the paint from building up around the edges. Since all the letters are the same color I used a bit bigger of a brush to speed up the process, but you must be patient and careful. To get the best result apply many, incredibly thin coats of paint. For the letters I applied 10-15 thin coats until the lettering was close to solid black. However for the bunny I only applied paint until  the bunny had a dappled grey color. To paint the pillow swirl the paintbrush bristles into the fabric, this forces the paint into the fibers of the cloth. When painting the bunny I switched to a small brush so I could easily paint the bunny in an uneven, faded way.  I wanted the back of the bunny and the tips of the ears to be a dark blackish grey, and the belly to be a light, softer grey. 



Once everything is painted and has dried, peel off the stencil and tape, remove the cardboard insert,  pop the pillow back inside and enjoy your cozy new pillow!12 Cotton Tail Pillow Finished

If you make this pillow feel free to share photos of it with us on social media, we would love to see your wonderful designs! We are @MyCraftysStencils on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

Have fun crafting, and let your creativity shine!

Check out the full craft video here!


Here are the links to all the materials we used in this video:

Cottontail Trading Stencil

Stenciling paint brushes

Fabric Medium

Acrylic Paint

Spray Adhesive

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Easter Egg Mason Jars

I love mason jars, you love mason jars, everyone loves mason jars…..

….So lets get crafting with them!

We really wanted to create a whimsical, fun Easter project, showcasing this really cute Easter egg stencil. Then we saw on pintrest a jar filled to the brim with colorful Easter themed candy. So we decided to do the same thing and just decorate the jar as well!

So lets get to it!

For this project you will need: 3( or as many as you would like) medium sized mason jars. We found some that didn’t have any branding on the sides. You will also need white chalk finish paint, stencil paint brushes(much easier if you have one for each color), acrylic paint, acrylic spray finisher, painters tape (we used frog tape), spray adhesive,  a paper towel and a paper plate.

For this project we chose to use 5 different colors of acrylic paint each mixed with metallic silver or gold. the metallic mixed in makes the eggs stand out really well against the jar. We used baby pink, baby blue,  mint julep green, primary yellow mixed with white, and lilac.

Lets get crafting!

First paint your mason jars with the white chalk finish paint(regular white acrylic paint will also work). Then let your jars dry completely. While you wait, prepare your stencil by spraying the back with spray adhesive. You can also mix your paints at this time. We chose to mix the purple, pink, yellow and green with metallic gold and the blue with metallic silver but you can’t go wrong so have fun with it!




Once your jars are dry grab your first one and place the stencil on it and tape down the edges with frog tape.5 Using Frog tape

Pick your first color, swirl your brush into the paint and then onto a paper towel until your brush feels dry to the touch. This ensures that your paint stays in the stencil and doesn’t bleed out of it. Then just stipple the paint through the stencil onto the jar!

*Stippling is simply bouncing the bristles up  and down to apply the paint. 

When one egg is painted on move onto the next one with your next color!7 Use a different brush (or brush end) for different colors

When you are done painting one jar peel off the stencil, place it on the next jar and repeat!8 Full coverage, peel off

Once all of your jars have been painted, let them dry completely then spray them with the matte acrylic finisher to make sure your wonderful design doesn’t chip off.

9 Stencil a few dozen eggs!

Now all you have to is enjoy them! You can fill them with festive candy, pop an electric tea candle inside and use them as candle holders, or use them as a vase to put lovely flower inside! The possibilities are endless so if you try it please send us a picture, we would love to see your projects! We are @MyCraftyStencils on instagram, facebook and twitter!

Happy Easter and let your creativity shine!

Watch the full project video!


Products we used in this project:

Easter Egg Craft Stencil

Acrylic paint

Frog tape

Spray adhesive

Stencil paint brushes

Matte spray acrylic finisher