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DIY Personalized Monogram Beverage Coaster Stencil Project

Personalize your plain beverage beverage coasters with a stencil in this week's DIY stenciling project. All you need are some stencils, paint, and a set of drinking coasters from your favorite home decor site or store! This project works well for wood, marble, or cork coasters. You will need the following: 3" Simple Script Letter… Continue reading DIY Personalized Monogram Beverage Coaster Stencil Project

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Pumpkin Carving Stencils

In this tutorial we'll show you just how to trace these stencil designs on your Jack-O-Lanterns to make carving intricate designs a cinch. All you'll need is a can of repositionable spray adhesive, a marker, and our carving stencils for your pumpkin. Before you get started we recommend leaving your pumpkin inside for a few… Continue reading Pumpkin Carving Stencils

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Welcome Home, Golden Pineapple

Welcome! To another My Crafty Stencils tutorial! Today we will explain how to use our Welcome Home Craft Stencil onto piece of canvas paper to create a framed wall accent. For this craft we could not resist the glimmer of Glorious Gold Americana acrylic paint. In addition to this liquid gold you will also need:… Continue reading Welcome Home, Golden Pineapple

Crafts, Home Decor, Summer

DIY Lemon Botanical Decor

Try making this lemon stenciled canvas to brighten up your kitchen this summer! This stencil is apart of our unique Farmhouse Antique line! You can check out the rest of our farmhouse inspired stencils here. For this project you will need: The Lemon Botanical craft stencil, found here Flat Bristle Stencil Brush, you should have one for… Continue reading DIY Lemon Botanical Decor

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DIY Antique Farmhouse Dairy Box

Do you love antique, farmhouse style crafts as much as we do? If you said yes, this is the project for you! For this project you will need: Farm Fresh Milk Craft Stencil, found here Stencil Paint Brush, found here Black Acrylic Paint, found here Spray adhesive, found here Painters Tape, found here Fine Sand Paper Paper towel and plate… Continue reading DIY Antique Farmhouse Dairy Box

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DIY Cinder Block Planter

Let's enjoy summer by doing some outdoor crafts! This is the perfect way to get outside, and transform an old cinder block into a planter! You could even have a group of friends over for a little summer crafting party! Lets get started! For this project you will need: Patio paint, found here Peacock Stencil, found here… Continue reading DIY Cinder Block Planter

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DIY Farmhouse Galvanized Tub

This is the perfect craft to get through this heat wave! Once you're done, fill it with ice and the refreshment of your choice... perfect for any summer party. For this project you will need: A galvanized tub A Farmhouse stencil, found here Acrylic Paint, we used black , found here Spray adhesive, found here Stencil paint brush,… Continue reading DIY Farmhouse Galvanized Tub