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Stenciling a Pretty Princess Pillow

Do you or someone you know have a little royalty in their bloodline? Hail the Princess or Queen in you home with a golden crown stencil from My Crafty Stencils! Spell it out with our Anthem Letter stencil set! For this craft you will need: Anthem Letter Stencil Set - Viscount Crown Stencil -… Continue reading Stenciling a Pretty Princess Pillow

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Stenciled Dinosaur Tote Bag Party Favors!

Have a roaring good time at your next party by making these Dinosaur themed Tote Bags with stencils from My Crafty Stencils. Everything but the tote bags can be found on our website, listed below: Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Stencil - Charonosaurus Dinosaur Stencil - Deinonychus Dinosaur Stencil - Pterodactyl Dinosaur Stencil -… Continue reading Stenciled Dinosaur Tote Bag Party Favors!